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We are not just a better charging solution for your next event, we are also a great advertising platform
Use the branding space on the chargers and station to promote your brand or upsell to a sponsor
Event Charging
Ideal for trade shows, conferences, meetings and festivals
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Next Gen Event Charging
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How It Works

Borrow a charger from a station
Running low on power? Simply borrow a charger from one of our stations using any debit or credit card
Charge your device on the go!
Use the integrated cables to charge your phone while enjoying the event
Return the charger to any station
Once done charging simply return the charger to any station
You will not be charged if returned before the end of the event
Charger Features
Comes fully charged
Will give all phones a full charge
Has integrated micro USB, USB-C and iPhone cables
Fully brandable on both sides
Download Charger Template [AI] Download Charger Template [PDF]
Station Features
10 portable chargers
Remotely managed
5 inch touch display
brandable backplate
Download Station Template [AI] Download Station Template [PDF]
Event charging made easy
Get our charging solution branded and delivered in 3 easy steps
Step 1: Pick Your Station Color
Pick from our standard colors or call us for custom color options
Step 2: Upload your branding
Use our templates to customize the station and chargers
Step 3: Shipping and setup
Tell us when and where and we will deliver and setup the station

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The following is included in the price you pay at checkout

    • Branding of station backplate
    • Branding on both sides of chargers
    • Delivery and installation of stations before your event
    • Removal of stations after your event

No,  You are not responsible for any missing chargers, if a charger is not returned by the end of an event the borrower will be charged the retail value of the charger.

If a charger is not returned by the end of an event or mailed back to us the guest will be charged the retail value of the charger (varies by location)

Our Stations only require a standard outlet for operation.

No, as long as the charger is returned at the end of the event the borrower will not be charged anything.

Yes, chargers can be returned to any station or mailed back to us after the event if forgotten.

Chargers will charge a phone at around 1% per minute, very similar to having it plugged into an outlet.

They can reach us directly during the event.  Our phone number is on every charger,  they can also reach us on social media and Whatsapp.